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Motorcycle Loading Ramps

Easy to use ramps offer high loading capacity


Motorcycle Loading Ramps

High Loading Capacity: Portable vehicle loading ramps that offer up to 550 kg of loading capacity can be produced in the required width and length.


Available with portable or semi-automatic options that can be fixed in the vehicle.


Minimum In-Vehicle Storage and Ease of Use: It is easily foldable with its patented wheeled structure and can be stored even in the narrow spaces by guiding it on the wheels without the need for transportation. It is only 15cm wide when folded. It offers storage advantages even in the narrowest areas of the vehicle.


Safety : In the non-slip construction, the entrance module of ramp is located on the floor of the vehicle with special measures provides safe use. 6 cm height side borders and specially designed non-slip floor profiles allow the ramp to pass through without any risk of slip during loading.


Aluminum Construction: Thanks to its 6060 aluminum construction, it is lightweight and offers a carrying capacity of up to 550 kg depending on the intended use.


Usage Area: It is designed and manufactured for safe and easy transport of any device with wheeled equipment in the vehicle or on the steps.

Technical Specifications

Width: 25cm - 100cm width options

Length: 40cm - 350cm

Weight: 9kg / m

Non-slip joint support feet (H type millimeter height adjustable ramp over 240 cm )

6060 T6 Hardness aluminum construction 

Carry on wheels : 4 pcs 20x50mm wheels. 

Motorcycle Loading Ramps

Motorcycle Loading Ramps

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High Loading Capacity 
Lightweight Aluminum Ramps
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