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portable platform

unique portable solution to access on street to shops!


Unique solution for unsuitable places to use ramp like shops, bank branches which have narrow pavements to entrance. 

Just move on wheels and unfold; 

it's ready to use!

  • Portable and foldable structure, easy to use and ready to use in seconds!

  • Move on wheels and do not carry!

  • Unfold the platform and adjust the height of platform by milimetric height adjustable antislip support feet.

  • 3 sides of platform can be used for enterance. 

  • Practical Foldable Design:   Easy Foldable and minimum storage area, only 17cm depth. 

  • Safety Use: 6cm height on ramp side borders for safety wheelchair use

  • 6060 Aircraft Aluminium Material: Strong and quality aluminium structure

  • Safety Design:  Antislip ramp surface and hole design for safety use every weather conditions​

Technical Details : 

  • PLatform Width : 100cm - 120cm 

  • Ramp Length : 100cm - 120cm 

  • Height Adjustable : from 12cm-50cm  

  • Load capacity is 350kg 

  • Weight of ramp : 27,0kg/m 

  • 6060 aircraft aluminium material  

portable wheelchair ramp.jpg
Portable Wheelchair Platform & Ramp

Portable Wheelchair Platform & Ramp

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Portable Platform & Ramp 
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