carry on

foldable ramps

extremely easy to use ramps, just fold and move on wheels!


Features : 

  • Mobile Transportation :  Extremely easy to use with wheels; just fold and move on wheels.

  • Portable and foldable structure, easy to use and ready to use in seconds!

  • Practical Foldable Design:   Easy Foldable and minimum storage area, only 15cm depth. 

  • Safety Use: 6cm height on ramp side borders for safety wheelchair use

  • Any ramp longer than 250cm includes antislip height adjustable support feet.

  • 6060 Aircraft Aluminium Material: Strong and quality aluminium structure

  • Safety Design:  Antislip ramp surface and hole design for safety use every weather conditions

Technical Details : 

  • Standard Single Ramp Width : 70cm - 80cm - 90cm - 100cm 

  • Length : 120cm - 300m 

  • Any ramp longer than 240cm have H type antislip support feet  

  • Load capacity is 350kg 

  • Weight of ramp : 7kg/m 

  • Aircraft aluminium material  

portatif seyyar engelli rampası
carry on ramps
just fold & move on wheels. 
access ramps on 
daily life activities.